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Installing a Water Storage Tank System in your House

With the expected water shortages in Metro Manila, it is time to consider having back-up water aside from the usual water drums.  Installing a water storage tank system in your house will limit the disruption of water shortages.

An overhead water storage tank
An overhead water storage tank

Here are a few pointers we share with our clients.

How does a simple Water Storage Tank System work?

The water tank collects water from the main line while there is water supply.  Once the tank is full, it will stop collecting water.  When there is no water supply from the main line, the storage tank will provide water to the house until it is empty.

Basic parts of a simple water storage tank system

  • Water storage tank – collects the water
  • Float valve – controls the highest level of the tank. It avoids overflowing.
  • Pressure tank – installed if the water pressure from the storage tank needs to be amplified. A pressure tank always require a water pump.
  • Water pump – helps pump the water to houses.  Recommended for multi-level houses.

Choosing the Storage Tank System for your house

1. The storage tank size will depend on the needs of your household

Know how much water you need for the household.  We peg per person 40-50 gals daily consumption per person.  This may vary according to usage.

The standard Eight Peaks tank Sizes are 152 gals, 212 gals, 345 gals, 432 gals, and 518 gals.  We can also make custom tank sizes.  We can also help source other brands of tanks for you.

For a household of 5 people, we recommend installation of 212 gals and above.

2. Check the space available

Usually, water storage tanks are installed in the backyard or overhead.  It will depend on the space available in your property.

Water storage tank installed on a roof deck
Water storage tank installed on a roof deck

3. Installation

Be sure to have a plumber or technician to check the connections prior to installation.  Our team can inspect the site to recommend a system for you.   Check if you will need a pressure tank and a water pump for added water pressure.

Pressure tank with water pump
Pressure tank with water pump

4. Maintenance

If you don’t regularly use the water from the storage tank, we recommend flushing and draining every 2 months.

5. Subdivision rules and regulations- Does your area allow its use?

There are some subdivisions and villages that does not allow the use of water storage tanks.  Be sure to check the regulations in your area prior to installing a water storage tank system.

Eight Peaks Enterprises can help you install a water tank system in your house. Just give us a call at +63-2-8851-6878.