Privacy Policy

Eight Peaks Enterprises (the “Company”) complies with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “Act”) of the Republic of the Philippes. The Company is committed to ensuring that your rights as a data subject under the Act are protected and respected throughout the use of this website.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
In general, the Company does not collect identifiable personal information when you use this website. The Company’s third-party service provider, however, may collect limited web traffic data when visitors use this website. The third-party service provider analyzes these web traffic data to generate statistical reports which we may use to improve the website to serve you better.

The following web traffic data are collected and analyzed by the third-party service provider:
a. IP address
b. Location
c. Pages you visited
d. Date and time of visit

These data are then used to generate the following reports without specifically identifying a unique
a. Number of views per page
b. Blocked IP addresses
c. Locations where visitors come from
d. Traffic on certain days and time periods

Your Rights as a Data Subject
You have rights as a data subject under the Act. These are found in Sections 16 to 19 of the Act. Some of these rights are to be informed whether personal information pertaining to you are being or have been processed, to be informed about the purposes for which personal information are being processed, and to be informed of the existence of your rights as a data subject, such as your right to access, correction, as well as the right to lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission.

Privacy Concerns
If you have inquiries or concerns about the privacy of your data when using this website, please let us know by email at We will work with our third-party service provider to address them.