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Types of Water Pumps

A water pump is a machine that moves water from the source to discharge. These machines play a fundamental part in water systems to provide the needed water pressure in homes, buildings, or factories. These are the types of pumps that Eight Peaks Enterprises offer:

Jet Pumps

Jet pumps are types of pumps that move water from a source to the service.

  • Jet pump – Booster pump

The typical water pump, also called the booster pump, is the commonly used pump in homes or buildings. These pumps work like a fan with impeller inside to be able to maintain a certain water pressure and water flow within the water system. These pumps can be used to bring water from the NAWASA line to bathrooms and faucets that have low water pressure. Booster pumps are classified by their horsepower; your requirement of horsepower will depend on the number of bathrooms and kitchens in the house or building.

Gould’s Booster Pump 0.5 to 1 hp
Saer Booster Pump 0.5hp to 1hp
Benelli Booster Pump 0.5hp to 1hp
  • Jet pump – Shallow well pump

A shallow well pump is used to bring water from underground to the house or building. Typically, in the use of a shallow well pump, the underground water should be from 1 feet to 25 feet below the soil. These pumps are used in areas near a body of water.

  • Jet pump – Deep well pump

A submersible pump or a deep well pump is a more powerful pump that can also bring water from underground to the house or building. These pumps, as the name implies, are submersed in underground water that is 25 feet or more.

Myers Deep Well pump 0.5hp to 1hp

Other types of water pumps offered:

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps can also be used to supply water in homes and are often used when there is a cistern tank. These centrifugal pumps use a rotating impeller to force the water pressure in the system and to discharge water flow.

Jack Pump

Jack pumps can be used for deep well sources. These pumps are different from the submersible pump as they are placed on grade of the ground and are attached in the well pipe. These pumps are used so you would not need a hand pump when getting water.

Self-Priming Pump

Self-priming pumps eliminates the need to prime the pump. These are pumps that are capable of evacuating the air without the need of an external machine.  These pumps are mainly used when you want the pump placed above the level of liquid to be pumped.

Sump and Sewage Pump

Sump and sewage pumps are used when you want to remove flood water from a certain area. These are also used to discharge sewage tanks, septic tanks, or liquids with high viscosity.

Whether you will need a pump used for a residential or commercial purpose, Eight Peaks Enterprises has it for you. Contact us here.