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How to buy a power generator

1) Power needs

Know what appliances do you need to power this will determine the generator size you need

Running wattage – Here are the usual suspects: Refrigerator (600 watts), Microwave (1,500 watts), Several lights (400 watts), TV (200 watts), Computer (250 watts). Add all of the watts and this will give you the running wattage.

Starting wattage – Some appliances need additional power to start (ref, aircon, etc). Sometimes this is up to 3 times their running wattage. Get the highest number among all the appliances. This will be the required starting wattage.

Add up the running wattage and the maximum starting wattage. This will give you the required power you need.

2) Go to a reputable store/dealer to purchase a generator

Generator type

Two types for home installation:
1) Portable Generator – Portable generators are all about mobility. They deliver electricity in remote areas unplugged from the electrical grid.

2) Standby Generators – Standby generators are basically mini emergency power plants. These permanently mounted generators are commonly fueled by reliable natural gas or propane. The electricity is then routed into the home or business through an automatic transfer switch, which also automatically starts and stops the generator.

3) Installation/Usage

Do not attempt to connect the generator directly to your home’s circuits or wiring. Have an electrician install a transfer switch and plug the generator into this switch. This will keep the generator from feeding power back into the lines, which could put power company crews working on the lines at risk. This will also protect your generator and home wiring from damage when power is restored.
Be sure to not install the genrators near windows

4) Maintenance

Be sure that the generator is stored in a safe place.

Eight Peaks Enterprises sells generators. You can call us for any questions regarding generators.

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